A Personal Abortion Account

A Saline Induced Abortion

The needle carrying the saline solution was inserted into my abdomen. The first thing I began to notice was violent movement in my womb. I only found out later that it was my child franticly kicking from the pain of being burned alive!

The reality of what was taking place was beginning to sink in. I was afraid to ask what was happening, I was afraid of the answer! I began to realize that I had made a huge mistake! One of such great magnitude that I thought I would become hysterical and lose control however, instinctively I knew it was too late! I couldn’t stop it! There was no going back; the process to kill my baby was already in motion.

I was not prepared for the visual massacre of seeing my baby burned and dead!

I remember the nurse coming in. Without a word, she scooped up my dead baby and quickly left the room. I can only conclude that she didn’t want me to gaze too long upon my child’s burned and lifeless body!

I don’t remember much more after seeing my baby lying dead between my legs I can’t tell you what happened after that, I don’t know how much longer I was there, or even how I got home.

A true account given by Pamela

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A Personal Abortion Account

A Late Term Abortion

At the age of 14 I didn't know the typical signs of pregnancy and so when a bunch of weird things started happening to my body I didn't quite know what was going on. My pediatrician told me I was 5 months pregnant. My parents and I decided abortion was the best way to "rid our lives of this problem." We all thought abortion would erase the situation I had gotten myself in and we would go on living life the way it was.

That was not the case. I can still, 19 years later, vividly remember the
5 day process of being slowly and painfully dilated, of laying on an examination table and feeling the baby inside me frantically demand my attention right before the abortionists needle ended her life, and feeling utterly alone as I was forced into labor, delivering my baby's lifeless body.

No, life sadly was never the same. I hated myself. I tried to numb my pain in anyway I could find, drugs, alcohol, food, meaningless relationships, but nothing took away the deep darkness that overwhelmed my soul. My parents saw that I was suffering and put me in therapy. I was put on several different medications but nothing worked. I still wanted to die.

Finally one therapist told me she thought I was suffering from
PTSD from the abortion. I told her it was 10 years ago and that I was over it. She persuaded me to go to a Rachel's Vineyard retreat and that weekend saved my life. I allowed myself to feel the forgiveness God had been showing me all along. His light entered my soul and I felt overwhelming relief. He changed my life. I met a wonderful Christian man, had two beautiful children and no longer feel the empty darkness that consumed my life before I found forgiveness through Christ. Storybook ending? Not quite.

I will never forget what I did to my first child. I am still brought to my knees in tears at times when I remember the pain I caused her. In response to Gods grace and for my daughters spirit I will be silent no more.

A true account given by Kelly

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