The testimonies of women who participated in A Place for Women's post abortive class.
Leah's Story . . .
My life prior to finding A Place for Women in Waipio was filled with brokenness, emptiness, dysfunction and sin. Although God blessed me with a beautiful family, a battle raged within me: my spirit desperately sought God, but my flesh was held captive to the lies and accusations of the great deceiver. Because of my past sin, my abortions, I believed that I was unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness; the crushing weight of guilt and shame kept me from true joy.

While working through the Forgiven and Set Free bible study, I experienced and accepted God’s overwhelming love, forgiveness, healing and joy. Through repentance, confession and acceptance of God’s forgiveness, I am set free from the guilt and shame of my abortions. Only through this study, and God’s love and support demonstrated by the women of A Place for Women in Waipio am I able to receive God’s great healing.

God used the Forgiven and Set Free post abortive bible study at A Place for Women in Waipio to change my life. I am abundantly blessed by this program/center and am extremely thankful to all for a safe, welcoming center, nonjudgmental, loving sisters in Christ, and the opportunity to receive and abound in the wonderful mercy of God! Hallelujah!
Sophie's Story . . .
I was 17 years old when I made the painful decision to have an abortion. My family made it clear that I had to get rid of the baby or leave the house and not shame the family. I did not know where to turn to for help. Years later I received Christ and asked for forgiveness and thought that I was doing ok. Little did I know that the impact of my abortion with subsequent infertility and recent breast cancer would affect every area of my life.

When A Place of Women was established I was so excited that at least there’s now a safe place for teenagers and women to go for help, guidance and counseling. I participated in an in-depth and heart rendering post-abortive bible study that the Center offered. Through this awesome study I came to a deeper understanding of God’s forgiveness and achieved a greater freedom that I never thought was possible. God’s truth indeed set me free! Praise the Lord!

My life was transformed as well as the lives of all the women in the study.
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