Myth: Being a Student Parent Means Sacrificing Your Education


Are you a college student who has recently discovered you're pregnant? You might be feeling a whirlwind of emotions, including fear and uncertainty about how you can balance your education with impending parenthood. At A Place for Women in Waipio, we want to dispel the myth that college and parenthood can't mix. With the right resources and support, you can successfully navigate both these life-changing experiences.

Embracing the Challenge

Balancing college and parenthood is undoubtedly a challenge. The demands of coursework, exams, group projects, and maintaining a social life, coupled with the responsibilities of caring for a child, can seem overwhelming. However, it's important to remember that challenges are not insurmountable. With determination, planning, and support, you can overcome these hurdles. It's a journey that requires resilience and adaptability, but it's also a journey that can be incredibly rewarding.

Building Your Support Network

A strong support network is vital during this time. This network can include family, friends, and even college resources. Many colleges offer services tailored for student parents, such as on-campus childcare, flexible class schedules, and distance learning options. These resources are designed to help you balance your academic and parenting responsibilities. Reach out to your college's student services department to explore the resources available to you. You might be surprised at the amount of support available. Remember, it's okay to ask for help and lean on others during this time.

Mastering Time Management

Effective time management is key to juggling your academic and parenting responsibilities. Consider creating a schedule that includes both your academic tasks and parenting duties. This can help you stay organized and ensure that you're dedicating enough time to both roles. Prioritizing tasks, setting achievable goals, and allowing some flexibility can significantly enhance your time management skills. It's also important to remember to take time for self-care. Balancing college and parenthood is a demanding task, and taking care of your mental and physical health is crucial.

Exploring Financial Aid Options

Financial concerns are common among student parents. However, there are numerous scholarships, grants, and financial aid packages specifically designed for student parents. These can help alleviate the financial burden of tuition and childcare costs. Consult with your college's financial aid office to understand your options. They can provide you with information and guide you through the process. Remember, having a child may also impact your financial aid package, so it's important to keep your college informed about your situation.

A Place for Women in Waipio: Your Ally

At A Place for Women in Waipio, we're here to support you. We offer a variety of free services to help you navigate your pregnancy and beyond. Whether you need a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, parenting classes, or just someone to talk to, we're here for you. We understand the unique challenges you're facing and are committed to providing compassionate, non-judgmental support.


We have three locations on island; including Ewa Beach on the west side, Waipio in central Oahu and in the heart of Honolulu to accommodate you. We're committed to providing compassionate, non-judgmental support to all women, regardless of their circumstances.


If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure of your next steps, we encourage you to contact us. We're here to provide you with the support and resources you need to make the best decision for you and your future.


Remember, being a parent and a college student might be challenging, but it's not impossible. With the right support and resources, you can successfully navigate this journey. Don't let the myth that college and parenthood can't mix deter you from pursuing your dreams. You're stronger than you think, and you're not alone. At A Place for Women in Waipio, we believe in you and your ability to succeed in both college and parenthood. We're here to support you every step of the way. Your journey might be challenging, but it's also filled with opportunities for growth and learning. Embrace the journey, and remember, you're not alone.

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