Navigating Together: Discussing an Unplanned Pregnancy with Your Partner


Discovering an unplanned pregnancy can be a pivotal moment full of complex emotions. At A Place for Women in Waipio, we're committed to supporting individuals and couples as they navigate these challenges. This blog is crafted to guide you through initiating the conversation with your partner, aiming to foster an environment of open communication and shared decision-making.


We recognize the gravity of these moments and the diverse reactions they may elicit. We aim to empower you with compassion and understanding, providing a foundation to explore your feelings and options together. By embracing open dialogue, you can navigate the complexities of an unplanned pregnancy, making informed choices that align with your shared values and individual needs.

Reflect Before You Share

Take time to process your feelings independently. Understanding your emotions will help you articulate your thoughts more clearly when you share the news with your partner.

Choose the Right Moment

Find a private, comfortable setting where you can talk without interruptions. This conversation deserves both partners' full attention.

Be Direct and Honest

Start with clarity. Share your feelings openly and honestly, and encourage your partner to do the same. This builds a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

Listen Actively

After sharing your news, give your partner time to process and respond. Listen actively to their thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Discuss Your Options Together

Explore all available options for the pregnancy. Whether considering parenting, adoption, or abortion, it's crucial to make an informed decision together. At A Place for Women in Waipio, we can provide valuable information and support.

Seek Support

You don't have to navigate this alone. Consider reaching out to a counselor or a trusted advisor who can offer guidance and support to both of you during this time.

Plan Your Next Steps

Once you've discussed your initial thoughts and feelings, consider making an appointment with a healthcare provider to discuss your pregnancy in more detail. This can help clarify your options and next steps.

Wrapping Up

In navigating the journey of an unplanned pregnancy, open and honest communication with your partner is foundational. It paves the way for mutual support, informed decision-making, and, ultimately, a path forward that respects the needs and wishes of both individuals. At A Place for Women in Waipio, we stand ready to support you through this process, offering a range of services from education to medical care, all designed to help you make the choices that are right for you.


This conversation is a significant step in your relationship, offering an opportunity to deepen your connection and understanding of each other. It's about more than the immediate decision at hand; it's about how you face challenges together, support one another, and navigate life's unexpected turns. By approaching this discussion with care, empathy, and a willingness to listen, you lay the groundwork for a relationship that can weather life's storms together.


We encourage you to reach out for support, whether from trusted loved ones or professional resources. Our doors are open to provide the compassionate care and evidence-based information you need during this time. Remember, you're not alone in this journey. With the right support and information, you can navigate this experience with strength and confidence.


For more information and support or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing all individuals a safe, non-judgmental space, offering the guidance and care needed to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and future.

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